Cohesion of studies, science and business





KTU INVESTed – cohesion of studies, science and business.

KTU successfully cooperates with Lithuanian and foreign companies, public institutions and other organisations. KTU INVESTed is a program that facilitates cooperation among studies, science, business and public sector.

We invite all companies and organizations to join this program by investing in the most talented students, a modern study environment, in your image as an employer and the most advanced scientific researches.
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Research and Innovation

The information system APCIS, operated by the Open Access Center (OAC), includes more than 1200 services provided by over 1400 KTU researchers and can be used by business entities and public organizations. OAC is accessed as “one-stop shop“ system: a request for research services is forwarded to technology transfer specialists who find researchers according to their competences as well as consult regarding the optimal service solution.


Research and innovation services:

Open Access Management Unit
National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (NIEC)
K. Baršausko str. 59, Kaunas
phone: +370 672 65146
e-mail: nivc@ktu.lt


Join the Initiative

Become an educational expert for students at the GIFTed Talent Academy!

We invite your enterprise to become an educational expert at the GIFTed Talent Academy: get involved in the a three-month programme “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” of personal development and the development of emotional intelligence for the most talented first-year students by sharing your enterprise’s success story that helped your organization to achieve its goals.


Support for the University

Being a sponsor of KTU you contribute directly to the financing of the University’s activities and enhancing its competitiveness and prestige at national and international level. The support may be targeted or used at the discretion of the University.

Support for the University can be implemented by awarding the organisation’s scholarship to the students, establishing the auditorium or laboratory, supporting the University’s events and others, non-financial ways of support.

KTU Fund
K. Baršausko str. 59-446 cab., Kaunas
phone: +370 650 23867
e-mail: fondas@ktu.lt

Possible areas for targeted support:

Become a sponsor and award the organisation’s scholarship to the most talented KTU students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements or actively participate in various scientific or other types of projects. A target scholarship can be awarded for the best final degree project or any other achievements.

The scholarships can also be awarded to cover tuition fee of the most talented and active students.

The criteria for the scholarship award are coordinated with the scholarship’s patron.

The financial incentives can be provided to our researchers for their scientific or other types of achievements as well as for the attraction of the most talented scientists in the field. The funding can also be provided for individual projects. The award criteria are coordinated with the company/organisation.

Contribute to the improvement of the University’s infrastructure by establishing auditoriums or research laboratories and providing opportunities to the University’s community to study and conduct research in modern premises, acquire the necessary competencies using modern technologies and facilities. The company’s brand will be constantly visible to the users of the auditorium or laboratory.

Contribute to the development of the modern University by establishing recreational premises for students and researchers at the University. Your company’s brand will be constantly visible there.

Become a sponsor of the events organised by the University and contribute to the dissemination of the information about the University’s activities and your company/organisation.

The company or organisation may receive a package of benefits and values in exchange for each grant, depending on the size of the grant awarded and the type of event.

Contribute to University’s activities by providing a variety of free of charge services. These services can be targeted on the improvement of the quality of studies or research, reduction of the University’s operational expenses, sponsoring events, etc.

All terms of service provision and a package of benefits and values for the company or organisation are defined in the Grant Contract between the Partner and University.

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