Admissions for Spring 2021 are open

Important | 2020-10-16

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is opening the admissions for the Spring Semester 2021. 20 bachelor’s and masters study programmes are available – choose the one you prefer and start studying in February 2021.

Economic, compact, full of culture – for several decades nicknamed a student capital, Kaunas is much more than just a second largest Lithuanian city. Lush parks, lively squares, cosy cafes and buzzing cultural life are making Kaunas more and more attractive not only as a travel destination but also as a place to live.

“At first I thought about studying engineering, but in my life, things are changing quickly. I checked the Public Governance study programme description and realised that this is a great opportunity for me. The professors are really friendly, trying to help and to understand. In our classes we have a lot of discussions and I love that – you can see a point of view of the lecturer, express your own opinion and discuss it with your classmates”, says Jhosua Sebastian Hermosa Jaramillo from Ecuador, studying public governance at KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

Established in 1922, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) provides studies and research in all areas answering the demands of today’s ever-changing world. Ranked among the best in Lithuania by alumni employability and academic staff, KTU is among the top 501+ world universities by reputation among employers and academic partners’ criteria (QS World University Rankings 2021).

Admissions are open to the following study programmes:

Deadline for applying is December 31, 2020. The new semester starts on February 1, 2021.

Apply now.