Technorama’22: call for participation is open

Important | 2022-05-03

Are you an innovator or a team? Do you have a prototype and are willing to showcase it to potential investors? Are you ready to surprise the world with your ideas? Start from KTU innovation fair: register to participate at Technorama’22 – offline and virtual innovation exhibition, which will take place on May 26, 2022. Registration is open until Monday, May 9.

Technorama is one of the oldest and largest innovation fairs in Lithuania, organised by the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) since 2001. Annually, Technorama attracts over 60 scientists from different universities and over 2,000 visitors. This May, the innovation fair will be organised both at KTU Santaka Valley and in virtual space.

“It’s the ability to retain top talent that will be the most important trend to the future success of every business. Technologies and economic cycles come and go, but as the global pandemic has taught us, talent is now digital and fluid. Talent is existential, technology is a byproduct of talent,” says Chris Howard, CEO of Softeq, one of the sponsors of Technorama’21.

Since the year it had been established, Technorama has been a top place for meeting talented inventors and innovation-thirsty businesses, the platform to share ideas and know-how on creating the newest technology.

Technorama KTU
Kiran’s team in Technorama 2018, where they won the prize for a healthy cocktail from buckwheat.

“I was very interested in the development of new products, and the success in Technorama not only ignited a passion for working in the food industry but also helped me get a summer internship for two months. Later, I continued working in that company and was involved in the development of various new products in the snack and breakfast categories,” says Kiran Subbarayadu from India, Technorama’18 winner for the best new product and a current PhD student at KTU Faculty of Chemical Technology.

In the two decades, Technorama has served as a springboard for many young innovators and entrepreneurs. During the years of its existence, the exhibition featured inventions from various fields of science: from engineering devices, technology solutions, humanities and social sciences projects to food and health innovations that have received a lot of attention in the exhibition in recent years.

The idea behind Technorama is to expand the perspectives and the outlook of the young researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs on the possibilities of technological solutions. The fair encourages the students and young researchers of the universities in the Baltics to apply their knowledge and skills in business, introduce themselves to potential investors and develop their entrepreneurial thinking abilities.

Are you eager to show your invention to a large audience? Would you like to be featured in a catalogue among Technorama’22 winners? Is your innovation ready for publicity?

There is one answer to all these questions: register to participate in Technorama’22.