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We can offer employer branding,
search for talents and other solutions for employers

The talent acquisition and development of employer branding are important challenges faced by various businesses.

Nearly 10.000 young and talented people study at KTU; therefore we can offer a number of services for the development of employer’s image and solutions for the search of employees.

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Solutions for Employer Branding

A long-term employer positioning in the market and formation of the image allows gaining competitive advantage and attract the most valuable specialists.

A focus on the development of the company’s identity encourages the engagement of employees and boosts the effectiveness of human resources.

Partnership Development Office
KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre
K. Baršausko str. 59, Kaunas
phone: +370 608 96433
e-mail: partners@ktu.lt

We offer the following employer branding solutions:

For more than a decade, KTU “WANTed” Career Days has helped thousands of students successfully enter the job market, and representatives of companies and organisations find the best talents and trainees.

The event is organised in the biggest arena in Lithuania, Kaunas Žalgiris Arena. Companies and organisations introduce themselves in stands; the Innovation Avenue presents the educational opportunities and innovations created by companies and organisations. A co-hosted conference “WANTed Talks” provides the companies with the space to tell their success stories, share their know-how and experience.

More information about the event is available here.

We invite the representatives of various companies and organisations to give lectures or seminars at the University and share their knowledge, current practices and business routines. During the lectures, the companies can introduce the specialties represented, as well as present their company as an attractive employer.

We invite you to become a lecturer-practitioner and provide future professionals with modern market trends and industry-specific knowledge. The University has the established positions of professor-practitioner and associate professor-practitioner.

The requirements for an associate professor-practitioner are the following: Master’s degree and at least 5 years of practical experience.

The requirements for a professor-practitioner are the following: Doctoral degree and at least 10 years of professional experience.

Current job offers

We invite companies and organisations to offer topics for the students’ theses and enable students to solve real market problems. In the study process, the real-life case studies often lead to original solutions and innovative methods for solving difficult tasks.

You can submit a topic for the thesis by September 1 of each academic year.

Lithuanian School Awards

This event has started in Kaunas in 2016 and attracts hundreds of students and teachers from schools all over Lithuania. Lithuanian School Awards bring together the communities of the schools, promotes cooperation among them and celebrates the achievements of pupils, teachers and school communities. In addition to the award ceremony, the event includes the conference presenting lectures from business, science, sports and entertainment world.

A company is able to improve the quality of studies by becoming a member of the study program committee and participating in the development of study programs that correspond to the modern labour market. The members of the study program committee can provide proposals for the development of new programs, ensuring the quality of learning and teaching.

We invite the representatives of companies and organisations to participate in the committees of the Bachelor’s and Master’s theses defence and to assess the preparedness and competencies of the students.


Solutions for the Search of Employees

Motivated and competent employees are essential for the success of the organisation. The University invites organisations to search for new employees among KTU students and graduates.

We invite to publish job or internship vacancies for KTU students, invite students to visit your organisation or the representatives of your company can make a visit to the University.

We offer the following solutions for search of employees:

Enterprises can share open job positions which are available for all students of KTU  on the WANTed job and internship platform.

Also, enterprises can offer internship. There are several types of internships during the studies: compulsory, which is completed in the last semester of the 4th year, and additional, which is carried out during the free time.

The University encourages its students or graduates to work in the area of their acquired education; therefore, only the work ads corresponding to their qualification are uploaded on the website.

If you have questions please contact the Career and Development Centre by email wanted@ktu.lt, tel. +370 686 19341.

More in information on internship can be found here: KTU internship.

The University invites companies to open their office doors and provide a possibility for our students to experience daily activities of the company or to visit our students and present the company on campus.

During such meetings, the company can be introduced to the target audience, establish contacts with motivated students, and increase the company’s brand awareness.

The University has a unified talent development program for the best students – the “GIFTed” Talent Academy. The participants of the Academy have a possibility to study according to the established plan of business or science field and participate in various international and interdisciplinary projects.

We invite the representatives of companies or organisations to meet the students of this Academy by getting involved in its activities or by offering internships or jobs.

We also invite companies to join the activities of KTU alumni community. KTU alumni community currently has more than 1200 members. Therefore, business organisations are provided with an opportunity to look for new employees among KTU graduates.


Non-formal Education of Students

is a united talent development platform, providing all possibilities to talented students to improve and use their skills in research and business.

As “GIFTed” program partner you will:

  • Develop employer branding during your involvement in “GIFTed” activities.
  • Educate young professionals during early internship using “job shadowing” methods.
  • Attract talents – participate in talent recognition processes and “GIFTed” student internships.
  • Implement business ideas – participate in “challenge” projects and creation of innovative projects.

Studentų str. 67-205, Kaunas
phone: +370 603 71410
e-mail: talentu.akademija@ktu.lt

is a platform for the development of career competencies that will help you become competitive in the labour market. It provides possibilities for your professional and personal development.

As “WANTed” program partner you will:

  • Develop employer branding during your involvement in career development activities.
  • Educate young professionals and present them with future career opportunities.
  • Attract talents while participating in career education processes as a partner-expert.
  • Implement business ideas combining young ideas with business expertise.
  • Use self-realisation opportunities and share your knowledge and talents with young people.

Studentų str. 67-205, Kaunas
phone: +370 686 19341
e-mail: wanted@ktu.lt

is an educational partnership between a more experienced and competent mentor and a motivated student, where the mentor is capable to inspire, encourage and to provide comprehensive assistance to the student who intends to adopt the mentor’s experience and to apply the acquired knowledge in the future.

As “GUIDed” program partner you will:

  • Develop employer branding and participate at socially responsible activities while mentoring students.
  • Educate your professionals while presenting them with future career opportunities.
  • Participate in career mentorship by becoming a member of the University’s community and engaging in the University’s activities.

Studentų str. 67-205, Kaunas
phone. +370 686 19341
e-mail: guided@ktu.lt

is a education programme created for motivated students  who are willing to acquire strong competencies in the field of financial technologies in addition to their chosen study programmes in Applied Mathematics, Software Systems, Information Systems, Informatics, Economics and Finance.

As a “SKILLed FinTech” partner you will:

  • Recognize talents;
  • By participating in the activities of the SKILLed FinTech program you will be shaping the image of the employer;
  • You will educate young professionals by offering trainings, internships, jobs and topics for the final bachelor’s project;
  • In the implementation of business ideas, you will be participating in projects through the synergy of students from the three faculties;

Studentų str. 50, Kaunas
phone: +370 638 51928
e-mail: ieva.verbeck@ktu.lt

is a specialized educational programme for motivated students who demonstrates strong competencies in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The basic study grid of students participating in “SKILLed AI” programme is expanded with additional study modules in the field of AI and other additional activities of the program are organized.

By joining the program, you will participate in:

  • In talent identification processes;
  • In the formation of the employer’s image;
  • You will educate young professionals by offering trainings, internships, jobs and topics for the final bachelor’s project;
  • Business mentoring programs for students;
  • In the implementation of business ideas, you will be participating in projects through the synergy of students from other faculties.

Studentų str. 50, Kaunas
phone: +370 638 51928
e-mail: ieva.verbeck@ktu.lt

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