Call for innovators! Register for the Technorama 2024 innovation exhibition

Important | 2024-04-11

“Dream boldly about the future, but create today and for today. Let’s make it!”, is the slogan with which the annual innovation exhibition Technorama 2024, organised by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and its partners, welcomes its participants. This year, the event will invite all developers and enthusiasts of new technologies to KTU Santaka Valley on 29 May.

Registration for the event is now open, and the organisers are inviting innovators to take part – both beginners and advanced developers are welcome.

“My success in the Technorama innovation fair ignited a passion for working in the food industry and helped me get a summer internship at one of the largest grain manufacturing companies in the Baltics for two months. Later, I continued working there and was involved in the development of various new buckwheat products in the snack and breakfast categories,” says Kiran Subbarayadu from India.

Kiran Subbarayadu, one of the winners of Technorama

Kiran, together with a team, developed a healthy drink mix from buckwheat and introduced it at the Technorama innovation exhibition in 2018. The innovation not only received one of the main prizes but also landed him his first job in the food industry.

The works presented by the participants of the exhibition – a reflection of the times

Since 2001, Technorama has kept pace with new technology trends, growing, expanding and changing its format through the years. Still, it has maintained its core ideas – to promote scientific advances and motivate young innovators, right up to the present day.

Slibinomobilis aka Dragoncar created by the KTU students and teachers // photo by Eglė Gendrėnaitė

As the year and the trends change, Technorama exhibitors are increasingly surprising the visitors not only with the novelty of the products themselves but also with the cleverness and creativity of their presentations. The exhibition is organised in such a way that it allows visitors to try out the innovations, such as flight simulators, solutions full of playful elements, innovative healthcare devices or functional food products.

Each year, the exhibition showcases more than 60 innovative products from a wide range of fields from more than 170 exhibitors. Nearly 1,500 visitors come to Technorama every year.

“The exhibition and its content are interesting and relevant for everyone: for a business representative looking for innovative products that can be applied in his/her field of activity, for an investor who wants to invest in advanced technologies, or simply for a technology enthusiast who is interested in innovations,” say the organisers of KTU Technorama.

Dreaming about the future is necessary, but solutions are needed for the present

This year’s Technorama theme focuses on the current times and the challenges that are relevant to our daily lives.

“When we talk about technology, we often look to the distance: in many narratives on innovation, the focus is on the future, tomorrow, the time to come. Of course, it is needed to dream about the future and to model it, but it is necessary to create here and now. Only by creating a technologically advanced present we can dream boldly about the future. Which is why this year’s Technorama invites ‘doers’,” says Mindaugas Bulota, Head of the KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (NIEC).

Mindaugas Bulota, the Head of KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

The theme was inspired by the M-Lab, an interdisciplinary prototyping laboratory centre that opened at the end of last year on the KTU Student Campus, providing open access to experimental, prototyping and testing laboratories.

“The M-Lab space connects ideas and those who implement them, this synergy is a direct path to the birth of innovative products and services, and Technorama is the place where they can be presented to the general public,” says Tomas Proscevičius, Business Development Project Manager of KTU Startup Space.

A strong network of partners is key to the event’s success

Each year, Technorama is joined by a wide network of business representatives who have the unique opportunity to meet with young talents and get a closer look at the products they develop. Representatives of companies possessing different competencies and fields of expertise join the jury, provide mentoring and expert support to the developers, and set up significant financial backing.

The event’s sponsoring partners focus on a wide range of areas, from innovation in the manufacturing industry to digital solutions for communication, space and information technology.

Since the very beginning of the exhibition, the main prize of the competition has been awarded by the KTU Rector. The prize funds this year are expected to reach up to ten thousand euros.

The main partner of Technorama 2024 is the Lithuanian branch of the IT company Rocket Software. This year, the company is contributing to the event by initiating the Pitch Battle competition and setting up two cash prizes for the participants.

The Innovation Exhibition Technorama and the event’s information partner will traditionally invite everyone to vote for the “Readers’ Innovation” – the idea that readers like the most, or consider the most innovative. The innovation with the highest number of readers’ votes will be awarded with special prizes from the sponsors.

The innovation exhibition Technorama 2024 will take place on 29 May at KTU Santaka Valley. Participant registration is open until 13 May.