Freshly from KTU: meet Maryna from Ukraine

Important | 2020-06-30

Maryna Bohuslavska was one of two Ukrainians, who graduated from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) last week. Having just collected her diploma at KTU School of Economics and Business, the girl is already packing to go home: she received a job offer from an international company in Kyiv.

“The first year of my job I will spend in Ukraine, while during the second and the third years I will go abroad to broaden my expertise in the field. Then I’ll return back to Ukraine and work in the managerial position”, Maryna’s future is already planned.

Although the last semester before the graduation was rather busy, she is not planning to have a real vacation: “It will rather be a short break, which I will spend with my family before leaving them again and focusing on building my professional career”.

With a smile, the girl says that she will also possibly need an “integration course” into Ukrainian life, as many things have changed since she had left for KTU two years ago.

Now, that university life is behind, what are her impressions about the studies?

“KTU has exceeded my expectations: I was impressed by the quality of the study programme – master’s in International Business – and all the opportunities that the university offers, such as the possibility to study abroad, to complete an internship, to get an additional scholarship for outstanding studies and extracurricular activities”, says Maryna, who has been studying master’s at KTU with the State Scholarship from Lithuania.

She felt great support from her classmates and is grateful for the chance to develop and learn in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

“I believe I have improved my soft skills a lot; these years were very fruitful”, says future manager of an international company.

This year, for the first time in history KTU held a virtual graduation ceremony. Although Maryna was having a job interview exactly at the same time, her parents were able to watch the Graduation and were very proud to hear the Dean announcing Maryna’s name.

For Ukrainian students KTU is offering a discounted study price. Also, Ukraine is among the countries included in the Lithuanian State Scholarships Programme, which offers scholarship and tuition fee waiver for the advanced students and researchers. At the moment, 17 students from Ukraine are studying at KTU.


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