The 3rd military tech hackathon will focus on engineering and cyber security

Important | 2020-02-25

On April 3–5, 2020 the third military tech hackathon in Lithuania DELTA1 will take place at Juozas Vitkus Engineer Battalion in Kaunas. The teams composed of researchers, inventors, military enthusiasts and experts of various fields will create innovative solutions for defence industries. The best innovators’ teams will be awarded prizes. The event is co-organised by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU).

The first in 2020, this hackathon will focus on war engineering and cybersecurity field, concentrating on communications and information technology solutions.

“DELTA 1 hackathon is a great initiative, which brings together the experts of various competencies. Kaunas University of technology is proud to contribute to the modernisation of the Lithuanian Army by attracting our researchers and students to share their experience. Practice shows, that when business is involved as a partner, it is possible to develop a functioning prototype in a very short time. This is very important for implementing innovations”, says Mindaugas Bulota, Head of KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, one of the organisers of the hackathon.

Laurynas Mockaitis, Head of Research and Technology Unit at Defence Materiel Agency under Ministry of National Defence is convinced that the ideas, connections and cooperation between business, army and science, conceived at the hackathon can lead to successful projects and products, which can be adapted both in military and civil sectors.

“The armies around the globe face challenges while developing innovations. I am happy to see that Lithuania is among the countries, which pay attention to creating new defence technologies. Similar events serve as the great encouragement to continue cooperation with academics, students, business in order to reach our common goal – strengthening of all military industry”, says Mockaitis, one of the organisers of the hackathon.

To look for innovative solutions, DELTA1 hackathon is inviting not only engineers but also cybersecurity and other experts interested in the defence technology field.

The event will run for three days: on the first day, the participants will get to know the Lithuanian Army, with the everyday activities of the military officers. The second day will be devoted to creating innovation and consultations with mentors – researchers, engineers, military and defence experts will coach the teams on product development and technical solutions. On the last day, the hackathon members will introduce their concepts and product prototypes to the board of experts, which will choose the products for further development.

DELTA1 is an open event and the organisers are inviting the teams to register on On the website of the event, you will also find the topics of the hackathon to which you can contribute with your ideas.

The selected participants will be informed in writing. The products created by the members of the hackathon will be evaluated by the board of experts composed from the representatives of the Ministry of National Defence, Lithuanian Army, Kaunas University of Technology and industry partners.