Peek inside KTU campus with the new virtual tour

Important | 2019-08-08

From now on everybody interested can see and “walk” in the laboratories, study rooms and offices to have a peek inside the University life.

As September and the new academic year is approaching, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is inviting its prospective students, their parents and anyone interested to get familiar with the university life by participating in a virtual tour in KTU campus. The tour provides the possibility to virtually visit laboratories, library, dormitories, study rooms, offices and other environments where the University community is carrying out research, are immersed in their everyday job, studying or enjoying their free time.

A virtual tour is a simulation of existing locations created using 3600 photographic images. The tour allows to walk from one image to the next one and to shift the viewpoints in the image, which creates the impression of walking inside the environment. One can take the tour using their computer, tablet or smartphone.

According to Giedrė Veitaitė, Study Information Specialist at KTU, the tour will be helpful both for current students and the staff who might have not been familiar with certain faculties or departments and for prospective local and international students.

“The tour has been created as an opportunity for potential students from abroad and Lithuania, who have never visited KTU, to get to familiar with the University’s study, research, recreational and office environments. In the future we are planning to improve and to further develop the tour”, says Veitaitė.

The idea of the tour was implemented by Domantas Didžiapetris, Creative Director at KTU Brand Management Office, who has recently been awarded by the US company Esri Inc. for his work measuring the emotional climate of Manhattan, by Tomas Blažauskas, Head of the Multimedia Engineering Department at the Faculty of Informatics and Mikas Binkis one of the teachers at the Faculty.

The tour is available both in Lithuanian and English.

Visit KTU campus virtually: