Open up your talents: become GIFTed student today

Important | 2019-08-16

Greetings to all of you coming to study at the Kaunas University of Technology in September! KTU offers more than one opportunity to nurture your talents and hobbies, to immerse into arts and to discover secrets to a successful career. Have you always been a bit nerdy type, wanting to get more from your studies and never satisfied with less than the perfect result? Here’s great news for you – KTU has a special academy for GIFTed students, the registration is open now.

“Science is never boring, you just need to find a field, which interests you”, says Julija Kravčenko, studying Biomedical Electronics at KTU. Starting her third year at the University, she has already experienced conducting scientific research, creating innovative products and participating in international training. Last September Julija spent at NASA Ames Research Center, as one of the few lucky winners of NASA internship.

Student at GIFTed Talent Academy, Julija has started to work with research mentor Andrius Petrėnas from KTU Biomedical Engineering in her second semester, in the first year. The area of Julija’s research interests covers biosignals’ processing, biosensors, wearable health monitoring devices.

Why become a GIFTed student? You will work with career mentors – professionals in the business sector of your chosen study field, you will participate in the programme “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” for personal development and emotional intelligence development and will plan the development of your personal competences. Being GIFTed you will have access to exceptional knowledge and networking possibilities, will participate in challenges and will be rewarded for your achievements.

Take a look at all the benefits and possibilities offered by GIFTed programme and register today.

Besides GIFTed, KTU is offering 5 more programmes aimed at nurturing the students’ personal and professional skills and talents. Please, take a look at all the possibilities that we are offering to our students and choose your way to success. Always remember, student life includes so much more than just studies!