Hello, I am your teacher: Kęstutis Zaleckis

Important | 2019-06-17

“It is not important how many times you fall down, but how many times you get up”, says Professor Kęstutis Zaleckis, a teacher at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Faculty of Civil Engineering. With this interview, KTU is starting a series of videos about the University’s teachers. Sword collecting, beekeeping, juggling and many more unexpected hobbies will reveal our teachers as personalities behind their classroom walls.

Kęstutis Zaleckis, Professor at the KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Principal Investigator of RG “Cultural and Spatial Environment” is well known not only for the academic Kaunas community and students but also for the global architectural community. His spatial syntax analysis is valued by scientists and urbanists alike.

A passionate collector of swords of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Prof Zaleckis is also devoted to mastering the art of sword handling.

“Philosopher Walter Benjamin coined a genius term secular pilgrimage – an experience, which helps people to discover themselves. I think that in this case, a sword is an object of secular pilgrimage. It helps to find out the aspects and layers of yourself that you didn’t know were existing”, says Prof Zaleckis.

Watch the full broadcast here: