Global defence applications company is branching to Kaunas

Important | 2020-01-29

NBC Security Inc., a global defence applications company, has announced its decision to commence operations in Lithuania under the name Baltic Defense Industries. The company has established a new office in Kaunas and plans to open a facility for the manufacturing of products for the global defence and law enforcement agencies. According to the press release, published by Invest Lithuania, close cooperation between business and academia was one of the factors which influenced the decision.

“After Lithuania joined the EU, I started watching the country’s impressive performance and evolution in the world economy. An invitation to attend US-Baltic Summit in April 2018, and meeting with various defence and diplomatic representatives from Lithuania, rekindled my interest in revisiting the country. Our attendance at Miltech in November 2018 sealed my decision to invest in Lithuania”, says Nacer Benzekri, the founder of NBC Security.

Mr Benzekri cites Lithuania’s business-friendly environment, together with comprehensive support and cooperation from government organizations as key reasons for his decision. Also central to NBC Security’s decision to invest was Lithuania’s ready pool of engineering talent, the close cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), and the availability of a qualified, cost-effective workforce.

“I am glad that the talented people of our University are taking up the leadership and are looking for opportunities in the field of the utmost importance to the global society. We believe that the cooperation with Baltic Defense Industries will be successful in many aspects and will help to achieve important results”, says Eugenijus Valatka, the Rector of the Kaunas University of Technology.

Mr Mantas Katinas, managing director of Invest Lithuania, welcomed NBC Security’s move as a great endorsement of Lithuania’s engineering expertise and its culture of close cooperation between business and academia – as well as signalling the country’s growing reputation as a regional manufacturing hub.

Headquartered in Great Falls, Virginia, NBC Security has subsidiaries in Europe and Eastern Europe, and serves a wide range of customers in the military, law enforcement and defence agencies across the US, Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and Africa.