Congratulations to the Graduating Class No. 96: KTU wishes you a happy flight to success

Important | 2019-06-21

Good news for employers – more than 2 thousand young professionals freshly graduated from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) have just entered the job market. On Friday, June 21 at Kaunas Žalgiris Arena the diplomas were issued to the 96th Graduating Class of bachelors, masters and doctors of science.

The graduates of the Faculties of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Design, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and the School of Economics and Business were getting their degree certificates today.

In his address to the graduates during the Graduation Ceremony, Professor Eugenijus Valatka, KTU Rector encouraged to challenge stereotypes and myths, which are hampering the progress. He emphasised that there are no “female” and “male” professions, that the careers and success stories have no gender, and that the studies do not end after graduation.

“Today, life-long learning is a necessity. In order to be successful, one not only needs to keep up with innovations but also to dictate them. Thus, creativity is becoming the essential competence of the future, regardless of the professional field. On the other hand, art creators, economists and finance specialists need IT and technological competences. Therefore, new dimensions of interdisciplinarity are needed in the study process, and we are proud by the important role social sciences, humanities and arts are playing in Kaunas University of Technology”, said KTU Rector.

This year, most bachelors were graduating from the Programming Systems, Civil Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Finance and Informatics Engineering studies. Among masters, the most populated were Vehicle Engineering, Big Business Data Analytics, Accounting and Auditing, Industrial Engineering and Management, Power Technology and Economics study programmes.

In total, 2,146 graduates were finishing their studies in June 2019. On Friday, diplomas were issued to 1,365 bachelors, 552 masters, 33 graduates of professional education studies and 15 doctors of science. 130 international students have graduated from KTU in 2019.