Kaunas Architecture Festival 2019 and KTU Startup Space invites to the first interactive heritage hackathon in Lithuania Herithon’19

Herithon’19 is a 48-hour event aimed to re-think and revitalise heritage in Kaunas city.

Kaunas modernist architecture is a great example that rediscovered heritage can become the cornerstone of the city’s identity. Kaunas Architecture Festival 2019 invites to continue this process and activate heritage’s potential to become a relevant part of today’s city. Event is not constrained to a particular period of time or type of heritage, instead, it seeks to find innovative ideas to trigger positive change in the city.

Herithon’19 aims to re-think and activate heritage in Kaunas city, simultaneously initiating cooperation between fields of IT, architecture and art. Only mutual effort of specialists from different fields can lead towards sustainable development of the city. During the event, heritage’s underrepresented potential will become vital link generating ideas and developing new partnerships. Digitalization, alternative mapping, digital platforms and transformation of architectural objects – these are only a few possible directions of Herithon’19.

Herithon’19 is a unique opportunity to transform and active city’s iconic objects.

Still having doubts or feeling that you might lack knowledge? Our experienced and passionate team of mentors, made of specialist from different disciplines, will dispel any doubt and give all the information that you possibly can ask for. No idea is too insignificant or too ambitious. We search for practitioners and dreamers, we want to see small intervention and elaborate strategies (and everything in–between). Organisers of the event will provide all necessary assistance in forming interdisciplinary teams.

We invite to register and participate IT specialists, heritage workers, architects, artists and everybody, who cares about the city of Kaunas. Registration is open for teams and individuals searching for like-minded crews.


More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2026175307488617/ 

September 27 d., 2019 - September 29 d., 2019

KTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design

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