From Eight to Five? #4 | Digital Twins

Over 50 percent of people live in cities, and urbanization development is not slowing down. This poses some challenges to modern cities; residents want to work and live in decent conditions. The rapid cities digitalization helps to address the major challenges related to living environment creation, managing traffic while also sustainable energy use. What’s more, virtual city copying, known as digital twins, is getting more popular around the world. Who needs all of this and for what purpose? Doesn’t it remind you of entertainment – an impressive computer game that only megacities need? Do Lithuanian cities need to have digital twins?
In this virtual seminar, we will look for an answer on how digital twins differ from entertainment computing environments and what genuine challenges they help to solve.
Topic: Digital twins: Why do we need virtual copies of cities?
Date: July 28, 1 pm.
Webinar speakers:
Timo Tuukkanen, M.Sc. in geomatics from the Helsinki University of Technology, works with Bentley Systems and its global digital cities team to advance digitalization of cities and their infrastructure.
Prof. Andrius Jurelionis – Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), initiator of the establishment of the Centre of Smart Cities and Infrastructure at KTU in collaboration with industry partners.
Seminar language – English

July 28 d., 2020 13:00 - 14:00

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